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Hotel Lobby/Desk Book Advertising Opportunities!!

Hotel guests are a "target" market for many things. They are always in need of FOOD. They also often need gifts, or last minute items. They often also need personal services, auto services and electronics repair or replacement. They are looking for things to do, places to go, and that translates into OPPORTUNITY.

It's estimated that hotel guests spend at least 400% more on things during the time of their stay, than local people do. They expect to pay a premium for things they "forgot" or need, and they don't have the time, or knowledge of the area to shop around for bargains. They are often pressed for time. So, convenience is a factor.

This is where HOTEL ADVERTISING comes in!! You are showing the traveller that you care about them. That you want their business. That you are a "safe" location for out of towners. You get an implicit recommendation from the Hotel as being an "OK" place. This is something they CANNOT GET from the Internet.

With the holiday season coming, travellers will NEED to get gifts, bring food or wine, maybe book amenities like party rooms or limousine services. They may need to replace gifts they forgot, or they put off shopping til it was too late. They may need hair, nail and salon services. They may need to shop for clothing for that unexpected party or engagement they didn't plan for.

Think about when you travel, and are locked in a hotel. What do you want or need? What are you looking for? Imagine getting your message in front of these people EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR!! NEW Eyeballs, every day! Not the same old mailing lists, or readership. These are mostly fresh new people WHO DO NOT KNOW YOU EXIST!!

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