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Hotel Room Books

  • Room Books are in every room of the hotel. They are one of the first things a new guest looks at.
  • Room Books have value. Every day they fall under new eyeballs, not the same old weekly or monthly mailing list.
  • Room Books return results. People in hotels are LOOKING FOR something to do, a place to eat, a place to go. They are ready to go NOW.
  • Room Books are still a great idea, maybe more so than ever, in this overloaded, electronic jungle. With the book in hand, a guest can make decisions easily.
  • Room Books give a comfort factor. If your establishment is in a book, in the room, of a hotel, the guest knows that your place is safe, and welcoming their business. Don't underestimate the value of this, even if your business is "right across the street".
  • Room Books are one low advertising investment a YEAR! Not every week, or month. But a whole year for one low price.

Other companies come in, and show you a "slick" website, with a few local ads, and promise you "will be in all the hotels". But is that true? What are they really giving you? Are they even going to be in the hotel??

Some have "impressive" credentials. They are "affiliates of" this or that network. But what does that mean??

What it means is they can repackage information that is already on the internet and charge you for doing that!! If you read the fine print, they are NOT affiliated with any of the hotel networks, or anything but a RESELLER NETWORK, essentially repackaging Google or Yahoo, and CHARGING YOU FOR THAT!!

As them what will drive people to use their website, rather than just type it into Google directly?? Their answers, a lot of NOTHING. People will NEVER SEE YOUR AD!! But you just paid them $500 (or more) for NOTHING. Seriously. Nothing.

Before entering any agreement, ask WHICH HOTELS. Then ask if they have a contract, or can produce a letter from the manager stating that the hotels WILL TAKE your product and, most importantly WILL MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO THE GUESTS -- not just throw it away. It's YOUR MONEY... ASK THESE QUESTIONS!! We can tell you which hotels we are working with, where it will be, and we can show you contracts.

As for a "slick" website or really cool protmotional materials, what does that do? If we can't sell you on the idea of a great product, that will give you great results, putting a lot of money into slick materials isn't going to do it. We'd rather save that money, and put it towards GETTING CUSTOMER MONEY FOR YOU!! Think about it. What is the goal of advertising -- that YOU be sold on some slick promtion, OR RATHER that your POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS are sold on the product?? Advertising can be a deep dark hole you throw money in to, or it can be a magic well returning dollars for dimes you drop in. Choose wisely.

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